The Waldorf Way

What does Waldorf mean? How does the Waldorf way support learners at each stage of their development?
Here are the latest conversations we’ve been having on the topic.

St. John’s Festival at Roseway Waldorf School

Festivals At Roseway Waldorf School Our festivals are a time of joy and thanksgiving; a time of mutual appreciation of every member of the school community; a moment of showing gratitude both for the time we’ve been granted together, and anticipation of the gifts of...

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The Benefits of Integrating Farm and School Curriculum

The benefits of integrating farm and school are well researched. Roseway Waldorf School provides healthy outdoor activity for learners and brings balance to the heavier academic activities that take place in the classroom. The physical activity of working the garden...

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Why simple toys boost imaginative play.

May people walking into a baby care, playgroup or Kindergarten classroom in a Waldorf school fall in love with the “old world” feel created by the wicker baskets filled with pebbles and other nature treasures, the simple cloth dolls, and play cloths. There is a...

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Homework – What it is and what it should be.

When addressing a conference of school doctors Rudolf Steiner described the homework at the first Waldorf School as ‘stingy’. In other words, a very light homework load was being set. He believed that a heavy homework load especially in Primary School classes caused...

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Embracing Art in a Waldorf School

Art at Waldorf schools is not just a subject, it forms part of the entire educational ethos. Founder Rudolph Steiner believed that we as humans have three aspects – intellectual, manual and artistic/creative, and that all three parts have to be advanced equally. While...

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Unfolding Creative Concepts in Art and Science

STEAM education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.   It is based on the idea that there are significant areas of overlap between the...

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Understanding Waldorf – Why Choose A Steiner School?

When you look at your child, you see the whole person. The child they are now, and the potential of the adult they will become. You also realise that there are significant emotional, social and cognitive milestones they will experience along that journey.  This is the...

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How Is Waldorf Education Different From Unschooling?

Waldorf Education is indeed an alternative form of education. It has often been mistaken by some as a form of unschooling. Being alternative does not mean that Waldorf is a version of unschooling. There are points where the two education approaches meet. Both, for...

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Healthy Lunch Ideas

Baked apple & cinnamon slices

Apples slices dusted in cinnamon and baked in the oven. Ingredients: Granny smith or red apples Cinnamon Method: Core the apples and slice into thin pieces (Approx. 3 mm). Line a large baking tray with lightly greased baking paper. Place the apple slices on the baking...

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