The Waldorf Way

What does Waldorf mean? How does the Waldorf way support learners at each stage of their development?
Here are the latest conversations we’ve been having on the topic.

The Power of Imagination in Learning

We all want the best for our children. We want them to be happy, successful, respected and well-liked. We want them to stand out in an increasingly competitive world and to be the very best they can possibly be. We harbour secret ambitions for their futures, and, in...

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The Benefits Of Hands-On Learning

Have you ever doodled during a business meeting or dull presentation? Research is now showing us that this kind of activity is not a symptom of boredom or disinterest. It’s actually a representation of the “busy hands, busy brain” phenomenon, and people who doodle...

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Why Should You Encourage Finger Counting?

Many schools across the world veto finger counting.  You may wonder why Roseway Waldorf school would find it important to encourage it. The short version is that finger counting has been found to be vital in mathematical achievements, and should not necessarily be...

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Why Is Handwriting Important In A Waldorf School?

“More is going on in handwriting than meets the eye” says Heather Church, Pedagogical Chair, Faculty, Parents & Community Life. In a society that values typing speed over handwriting, many young children are bypassing an important skill set in their school years....

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Lit from behind: Why curious children have a head start

Ian Leslie wrote an article for The Guardian in which he said, “Curious people are more alive, somehow; their eyes are lit from behind. They know more about more, which makes them more interesting.” Do you agree with that? Curiosity is inbuilt in children, as much as...

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Healthy Lunch Ideas

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