The Waldorf Way

What does Waldorf mean? How does the Waldorf way support learners at each stage of their development?
Here are the latest conversations we’ve been having on the topic.

Why Do Waldorf Schools Discourage Television?

We have often been asked why Waldorf schools discourage television for their students. Most responsible parents today screen the content of the TV programmes their children (especially younger ones) watch. Modern satellite decoders allow for “Parental Control”, which...

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Why Does Waldorf Use the Class Teacher Method?

The class teacher method, or “looping” as it’s sometimes known, has been a foundational philosophy of all Waldorf schools ever since Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt founded the very one in Germany almost 100 years ago in 1919. There are now over 1000 Waldorf Schools in...

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How to reset patterns of tech addiction

Within each of us lies the potential for incredible change. Armed with enough information, we can change our world - or at least, as much of it as we can influence. As we’ve seen in our recent look at tech addiction and the effect of technology on young minds,...

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Teaching Maths and Science The Waldorf Way

All children start school with different tools in their toolkits. Some have more general knowledge than others. Some are very confident, some are great at staying focused on tasks and some pick up new concepts more quickly than their peers. Many schools end up simply...

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Challenging The Conventions Of Maths and Science Teaching

Information today is virtually infinite. The Internet makes it instantly available, and instantly updatable. There is no shortage of information – we can find out anything about anything at any time. So it’s not the amount or availability of information that’s the...

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Developing creative thinkers, one mind at a time

They’re called originals, creatives, and innovators. They drive change, stand out and speak up. They’re the ones with new ideas, with wide-eyed Aha moments at 02:00am. Who are they? Business psychologist Adam Grant talks about the value of creative thinkers in our...

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Why do we use storytelling as a key teaching method?

Storytelling. From the dawn of time, families have huddled quietly around flickering fires and learned about their place in the world, their history, and their future. Elders wove wise tales with colourful imagery to instil these vital truths in the hearts and minds...

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Healthy Lunch Ideas

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