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High School


Once in High school the pupils are guided through their final 6 years with a Class guardian who is there to guide and assist them with the day to day class activities.

Grade 8

  • CLASS 8:
    CLASS 8:


     THEME: Transition

    This year is seen as a transition year into the high school with the culmination (or coming together) of the Primary School curriculum. It is the aim of the Class 8 educators to bring the learner "up to date" as regards world history, the progress of science, the development of literature and the foundations of our modern mathematics. The question of where they are placed in their immediate surrounds (the high school) and the wider world are answered through activities and content that consolidates ideas and brings stability and a sense of safety.


Grade 9

  • CLASS 9:
    CLASS 9:


    THEME: Polarities

    Ninth graders think in polarities; the world is black or white. Contrasts interest them and they seek to define, summarise and form opinions about the here and now of the modern world. They are fascinated with power and beauty, especially in their thinking.

Grade 10

  • CLASS 10:
     CLASS 10:


    THEME: Balance, process, comparisons

    Tenth graders' thinking capacities begin to loosen and become more flexible. They gain the ability to compare and find similarities where once they saw only differences. They grasp the process of transformation, and wonder how the world around them - language, laws, culture, the earth itself, and even their own capacity to think - developed into what they experience today.

Grade 11

  • CLASS 11:
    CLASS 11:


    THEME: Cultivate powers of analysis and focus on identity

    By the eleventh grade the learners are fully developed thinkers - quick to analyse and synthesize information and to utilize their power to reason. Eleventh graders want to know how things are. They need to know the intentions that lie behind the world in order to define themselves, their opinions and ideals. They are ready to think about what is invisible to the eye and transparent to thinking. They also begin to take responsibility for themselves, to explore and find their identities as individuals.

Grade 12

  • CLASS 12:
     CLASS 12:


    THEME: Ultimate powers of synthesis and focus on world consciousness

    Twelfth graders gain perception in their thinking. From their new-found sense of individuality they are capable of finding their place within the community. Their consciousness of self expands into a world consciousness. They are able to use their powerful thinking to see the world from many vantage points and, at the same time, to recognise their own. As they begin to understand the complexity of the world, they seek to understand the individuals who are responsible for working with society's issues. In this way the learners will define their own points of view, make judgements, and define their ideals.

    The culmination of the Waldorf Curriculum is the Class 12 Play and then the Class 12 Project. Both of these are major undertakings and occupy the first 9 months of the year.

Grade 13

  • CLASS13:


    The thirteenth year is devoted to obtaining a Matric. Roseway is registered with the KZN Department of Education. Seven subjects are chosen from 19 subjects offered at Roseway: English Home Language FAL, Afrikaans FAL, isiZulu FAL, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Geography, History, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Consumer Studies, Tourism, Religion Studies, Visual Arts, Music and Dramatic Arts.