Waldorf Education

What is Waldorf Education?

At Roseway Waldorf, we believe that education is not something that people do, but something that forms a part of who we are. The way we think, feel and act are integrally woven together, and these are addressed in a gentle and balanced way throughout the child’s schooling years.

This measured and thoughtful approach gives the growing child the tools for clear thinking, harmonious feelings, and positive actions.
All children, regardless of their abilities, are taught academic, artistic / musical, and practical subjects.
Waldorf teachers use school subjects as tools to teach children the wonder of learning, questioning, researching and analysing.

The main subjects are focused. These subjects are taught in three to four-week blocks, allowing the class to intensively understand and examine the theme. Certain subjects are carefully timed to coincide with the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of the children in order for them to fully understand and appreciate them. (What we refer to as Steiner’s pedagogical indications in Waldorf circles.)

Each day, the children are addressed on all levels: rhythmical exercise, musical activities, and the cognitive aspects of their subject matter. They are given the space and time to explore and express themselves actively within the subjects taught. They also engage in the continuous practice of Language and Maths skills.

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