Roseway Waldorf Classes 1 - 3

In their 7th year, the children start Primary School. Their class teacher will follow them all the way through these foundational years –  right up to Class 7 – before they begin High School.

Class 1

The thrilling world of formal learning opens to the emerging seven-year-old. They now enter the second seven-year cycle of growth and development, which will take them through these primary school years.

We have a particular interest in a creative approach that allows the children to form a real relationship with formal learning. Concepts are not presented in an abstract form.

Class 2

The world opens to the curious minds of Class 2 children with the adventure of reading. The fine art of writing is well established, and the concepts from Class 1 are expanded.

We have a particular interest in encouraging children to explore through comparisons, and in evoking an ever increasing sense of wonder and gratitude.

Class 3

A nine-year-old child is realising their separateness from others and is defining their own individuality. They are met with activities which engage these leaps in consciousness, and which offer a more personal experience of feeling and their newly-galvanised desire to work in a real, tangible situation.

We have a particular interest in establishing a sense of security, confidence and the on-going development of capacities for work and reflections.