Roseway Waldorf Classes 4 - 7

Class 4

As their newly formed personal consciousness deepens, ten-year-olds are immersed in the theme of Norse Mythology. These fascinating tales contain pertinent moral questions, dilemmas, and extremes: light and darkness; heat and cold. We explore how to meet challenges and preserve what is beautiful and good.

Class 5

At eleven years of age, children are in the heart of childhood, experiencing a warm, loving, and balanced time of growth. They are slowly establishing their independence apart from the strong adult influence of their parents and educators. The curriculum mirrors the dawning consciousness of the child through the mythologies of ancient civilizations and the introduction of Botany and Natural History studies.

Class 6

As the growing child approaches twelve years of age, they enter a period of rapid growth. They become awkward and heavy as their limbs lengthen and their bodies change. They are more consciously thoughtful of both their inner and outer world – questioning and challenging as they grapple with these new concepts. The time is ripe for ordering and formalising; finding imaginative solutions to real problems; finding a balance between aesthetic appreciation and technical precision. The core themes for the year address these developing capacities.

Class 7

Class 7 marks the final year with their class teacher, and of their primary school education. These important years have taught our budding adolescents how to practice clear thinking, work creatively, and how to both acknowledge and express their feelings. They have discovered how to care for and communicate with one another. And they have learned the important skill of developing and structuring their inner faculties.
A new emotional intensity is evident as the young adult emerges to face the outside world. They have been challenged to expand their limits and yet recognise their boundaries. They have developed social awareness in class and group activities. Their outer body changes reflect the surge of changes within.