Class 6

The Class Six child is approaching twelve years of age. Physically this stage is characterized by a period of growth, and they become awkward and heavy as their limbs begin the lengthening process. There is a more consciously thoughtful involvement with both their inner and outer world, and opportunities for discussion often arise as they query and challenge.  The time is now ripe for ordering and formalizing, for the imaginative solving of real problems and for establishing a balance between aesthetic appreciation and technical, scientific precision.
The core themes of the year attempt to meet this developing consciousness of the children. The highly disciplined military organization of the Romans with their efficient communication and transport systems, and the development of a sophisticated system of government and law becomes a vital theme of Class Six.
The topography, climate, rainfall, temperatures, vegetation and animals of Africa are presented in various ways: from a sociological study (the traditional way of life of the peoples of the continent) or from a topographical study (forming a large scale three dimensional map of the continent). Variety that presents scientifically accessible information holds sway in Class Six.