Grade 8


THEME: Transition

This year is seen as a transition year into the high school with the culmination (or coming together) of the Primary School curriculum. It is the aim of the Class 8 educators to bring the learner “up to date” as regards world history, the progress of science, the development of literature and the foundations of our modern mathematics. The question of where they are placed in their immediate surrounds (the high school) and the wider world are answered through activities and content that consolidates ideas and brings stability and a sense of safety.

Once learners have been satisfied to know how it is, they wish to know how we know “how it is”. In other words they seek not only information but insight. Thus behind every question of what, is the questions of how, of origins. How have things come to be as they are? Above all the learners want to know how facts relate to them personally. Classes 9 and 10 address these questions in turn.