Greek yoghurt contains high concentrations of probiotics which improve digestion and increase your immunity. This thick and creamy food is also a good source of protein and calcium. Mix your Greek yoghurt together with some juicy berries such as blueberries or raspberries that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre and you get a highly nutritious breakfast or lunchtime snack for kids free of artificial flavourants and colourants.

• 1 cup full cream Greek yoghurt
• Frozen raspberries (You can use fresh raspberries. I use frozen for convenience – a big bag of raspberries kept in the freezer is always on hand to utilise where necessary without risk of the berries going off or having to keep replenishing your stock – and to keep the yoghurt chilled.)
• 1 tsp raw honey (optional)

1. Place the yoghurt into a blender.
2. Sprinkle over some frozen raspberries.
3. Add the honey (optional).
4. Blend the ingredients to a smooth consistency.
5. Pour into a lunch box container and seal the lid.
6. It’s best served chilled, therefore I recommend you keep the yoghurt filled container in a small cooler bag lined with an ice brick.