Roseway Waldorf Teacher Training

Part-time Teacher Training Foundation Course

This course is a 3-year course for teachers, prospective teachers, parents and individuals who have a tertiary qualification and are interested in, or wish to specialize in, Waldorf Education. This course is coordinated by the Teacher Training Mandate

Pre-primary, primary, and high school teacher training.

  • Learn interesting techniques that will enliven and balance your teaching
  • Learn new arts and crafts: Storytelling, Blackboard Drawing, Painting, Movement, Woodwork, Puppetry, Music, Eurythmy
Module 1 Module 2
Form Drawing Music and Singing
Four Levels of Existence -Temperaments and Soul Types Twelve Senses
 Metalwork Puppertry
Module 3 Module 4
Eurythmy Eurythmy
Goetheanistic Observation Biographical work and Literature
Blackboard Drawing and Work Technology