All children start school with different tools in their toolkits. Some have more general knowledge than others. Some are very confident, some are great at staying focused on tasks and some pick up new concepts more quickly than their peers. Many schools end up simply amplifying these differences when they should rather be trying to even them out, making sure each child has all the tools they need to learn, grow and explore the world around them.

This is what makes Roseway Waldorf school so unique – especially when it comes to teaching Maths and Science.

“The overall goal in the teaching of Maths and Science in Waldorf is to develop lifelong learners, observers, questioners,” says head teacher Michael Merle. “We teach children to know WHICH questions to ask, and why those questions matter.”

The Waldorf ethos means they have a deep reverence for the sacred process of learning. Science and Maths classes are conducted with a sense of admiration and awe at the way our world works, and the natural numbers that compose it

The realisation that numbers play a pivotal role in every aspect of life on Earth is profound and humbling. “For example, there is one sun and one moon,” says Michael. “The moon goes through eight phases. There are four seasons. Children are taught a strong sense of respect, understanding and care for natural life.”

Teaching Maths and Science is done logically and developmentally, from the observable to the abstract. Instead of sitting in a classroom for every lesson, the children might go for a walk and observe. They create their own descriptions of what they’ve seen and make their own connections.

New information is presented as an extension of what learners already know. Children are taught to draw what they observe as this helps to embed the learning in their minds. The more senses that can be engaged in the learning process, the more deeply the learning becomes embedded in children’s growing minds.

Our approach to Maths and Science is different to that of more traditional schools. If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch. We’d love to chat to you.

Angelique Laaks